Nylon 6,6 Value Chain


INVISTA is a fully integrated Nylon 6, 6 producer and is prepared to license its cost competitive technologies for the manufacture of high quality Adipic Acid, DME, and Nylon 6,6 Polymers.  These technologies are now available for license through IPT.

INVISTA’s technology is based on over 75 years of Nylon 6, 6 manufacturing experience and multiple evolutions of the technology platforms. The Nylon 6, 6 Batch and continuous polymerization technologies are based on INVISTA ‘Yinglon’ plant in Shanghai (start-up 1H2016). The Adipic Acid process employs an optimized configuration aimed at delivering INVISTA’s ADI-PURE® AA quality at competitive capital and variable costs.


Adipic acid (hexanedioic acid) is a high purity, white, crystalline powder which is primarily used by INVISTA in its nylon polymer production. Exhibiting typical carboxylic acid chemistry, its excellent uniformity and consistent end-use performance make it a valuable intermediate in a wide range of applications:

  • As a monomer in nylon, paper additives, copolyamides, terpolymers, and unsaturated polyester resins (UPRs)
  • As polyester polyols for polyurethanes
  • In polymer additives for epoxy curing agents and plasticizers
  • As a chemical intermediate in synthesis of polyesters/diesters, polyester polyols, cyclopentanone, 1,6-hexanediol and dimethyl adipate
  • In end-uses such as solvents, lubricants, electronics, soil conditioners, glass protection agents, briquetting agents, leather tanning agents, flue gas desulfurization scrubbers and cleaning aids

Nylon 6,6 polymer commonly takes the form of pellets or flakes, which can be melted and shaped for use in plastic applications, such as automotive, electronics, and consumer appliances; or extruded as fibre for use in yarn applications, such as apparel, carpet, airbags and outdoor gear. Manufactured from key nylon intermediates, hexamethylene diamine (HMD) and adipic acid, nylon 6,6 polymer is a high performance material used in plastic and fibre applications that demand exceptional durability and toughness, due to its properties of outstanding tenacity, moisture and mildew resistance, elasticity, dye-fastness and high melting point.