Project Capabilities


IPT has developed carefully targeted skills and resources to support selection of critical equipment suppliers, review critical parts of the detail engineering, mechanical testing of critical machines and function testing of critical control systems.

In the course of supporting more than 100 license projects, IPT has successfully worked with a number of engineering contractors across the U.K., U.S., Asia and India.

IPT provides specialist engineering support, particularly for metallurgy, pressure vessels and heat exchangers, machines, slurry and solids handling, process control, and electrical design.

This adds to the contractor’s expertise to help ensure the detail design meets the process technology requirements.

IPT also has a database of specialist equipment suppliers for PTA, BDO and catalytic N2O Abatement equipment that is regularly reviewed to advise clients of a range of competent suppliers. This allows competitive tendering and comparison of at least two technically acceptable vendors.

China is an important market for IPT's services, reflecting the country's rapidly growing industrial strength. To support this, IPT has identified and are working with a number of specialist Chinese equipment suppliers that produce high quality equipment suitable for clients at lower cost and with quicker delivery than elsewhere in the world. A number of these suppliers have manufactured equipment that is now in operation.