Polyester Value Chain

PTA Technology Description

IPT is a global leader in technology-based solutions for the PTA industry. We license process technology, operate world-class R&D facilities and possess a unique range of PTA-focused scientific, engineering and manufacturing skills. With over 43 million annual tonnes of terephthalic acid capacity licensed by INVISTA around the world, representing ⅔ of all licensed capacity, INVISTA has the knowledge and experience that can make a significant difference to your business.

Advanced PTA technology from INVISTA provides its licensees with:

  • Competitive capital and operating costs per tonne of product when compared to any other PTA technologies commercially available

  • Excellent environmental performance (net exporter of electricity, clean vents, low water usage and liquid effluent generation, by-products from waste)

  • Built-in safety in plant design

  • High PTA product quality standards that are recognised throughout the polyester industry and suitable for every application of fibre, bottle resin and film

  • Strong track record of safe & reliable plant operation, rapid ramp up to full plant rate and high plant uptime

  • INVISTA’s innovative R²R Technology for the recovery of the chemicals in the plant residues stream reducing by-product waste. These valuable chemicals can either be returned to the process or offered for commercial sale.  

Our philosophy of single and twin stream designs leads to world-class capital productivity without any compromise on quality or operability.

Reference List

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IPT offers a range of plant capacities and configurations to suit our customer’s needs. Capacities for our single stream offering range from 350,000 tonnes per annum up to a world leading 1.6 million tonnes per annum, whilst the twin stream design has capacities up to 3.2 million tonnes per annum.

Key Features

INVISTA has redefined the boundaries of PTA technology by combining state of the art process intensification with superior energy integration for the range of plant capacities.  We have optimised the layout of the plant so that our large capacity units have minimum footprint. The many advantages include:

  • Excellent reliability

  • Ease of operation

  • Minimised variable cost of production

  • High capacity single and dual stream designs

  • A novel and simple process

  • Rapid project execution with clients achieving production in less than 30 months from project initiation

INVISTA's advanced PTA technology produces a superior product which is recognised throughout the polyester industry as being suitable for every polyester application.

INVISTA has developed a deep knowledge of technology transfer and gained significant valuable experience from years of licensing, which has been captured to create a proven project execution and technology transfer model to optimise the project schedule and achieve the best possible plant. Should it be necessary to set up PTA business systems, you can take advantage of our extensive experience as a manufacturer and knowledge of the industry. Thorough training, using our state of the art dynamic simulator, and commissioning support comes as a standard part of our package.

We commit to a rapid process of finalising agreements to get the project underway and the plant on-line within the shortest possible timeframe.  Our licensees benefit from a unique technical association with us by means of upgrade technologies, improvements and assistance made available through our distinctive technical service programme.

As part of our technical service programme we offer access to the full range of technical expertise in the fields of chemistry, process engineering, functional engineering, overhauls and commercial services. We shape the level of service provided to suit the particular needs and requirements of our customers.

A typical service programme will include some, or all, of the following elements:

  • Regular customer service visits by our experts to discuss specific topics and potential process enhancement

  • Access to our help desk for resolution of day-to-day issues

  • Specialist engineering services, including on-site support

  • Training in process technology and operations

  • Analytical and investigative services

  • Additional customised services and process technology packages

  • A help desk facility to provide licensees with operational troubleshooting services and advice