Nylon 6,6 Value Chain

N2O Technology Description

INVISTA is prepared to offer 3 technologies for the abatement of N2O from Adipic Acid or Nitric acid plants. These technologies have been proven commercially and practiced by INVISTA.

  1. High temperature thermal N2O destruction using a specifically designed boiler
  2. Catalytic N2O destruction
  3. Thermal destruction of N2O with HNO3 recovery

1. High temperature thermal N2O destruction - High temperature (T = 1200-1500 °C) combustion of KA off-gases in a low NOx natural gas or oil fired burner associated with a steam boiler. N2O Diagram 1

2. Catalytic N2O destruction – Low temperature decomposition of N2O in KA oxidation reactor off-gases using a heterogeneous catalyst to avoid NOx formation (T = 400-800°C)

N2O Diagram 2

3. Thermal destruction of N2O with HNO3 recovery – High temperature (T = 1200-1500 °C) conversion of N2O in KA oxidation reactor off-gases using a burner designed to maximize NOx generation.

N2O Diagram 3

Key Features

N2O is a by-product of adipic acid and nitric acid manufacturing. One tonne of N2O is recognized as having the equivalent climate change effect of 310 tonnes of CO2.  INVISTA has developed world class protocols to measure and verify N2O reduction projects in Canada, USA and the UK.

Adipic Acid (AA) plant applications

  • Broadest range of N2O abatement experience in industry
    • 5 AA plants
    • 3 abatement technologies developed
  • Broad offering of cost-effective N2O abatement technologies
    • Best technology choice “tailored” to specific site factors/equipment
    • Lower investment
    • Technology integration and economic optimisation
    • Design support in cooperation with third-party engineering company
    • Start-up, operation and control experience
    • Avoidance of high temperature design problems and pitfalls
    • Maintenance experience
  • Outstanding safety and operating experience/record


IPT's technology offerings include a Technology Package that comprises a front End Engineering Package (FEEP), technology & operating know-how and project execution resources. The Choice of the technology is based on the needs of the client and the operating conditions of the process generating the N2O. IPT also offers on-going Technical Services and the potential to enter into off-take agreements with its licensees.

In addition IPT offers

  • Experience in N2O reduction protocols
  • Experience in writing PDDs
  • Experience working with 3rd party verifiers
  • Experience in coordinating stakeholder consultation processes
  • Experience and networks to structure emissions trading transactions