Technology Description

IPT's technology is simple but efficient. It is built on many years of polyester experience and offers these key features:

  • 3-vessel technology
  • Minimum moving parts
  • Low capital cost
  • Superior performance and reliability
  • Extended running between overhauls
  • Superb product quality
  • Maximum output from just 3 vessels.
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Reference List

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IPT has a range of polymerisation technology capacities and has licensed the largest single stream CP plant in the world.  With its 3-vessel technology IPT has achieved over 1500 tpd of resin production.  IPT offers split lines fed from a single esterifier that can give customers increased flexibility of products and additive packages for each line.

IPT's technology provides high quality products with additive packages that can be tailored to customers' requirements and those of their customers. IPT's knowledgeable team of engineers and chemists can help manufacturers get the most from their plant by optimising process conditions.