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General Information

IPT offers a range of technologies available for licensing for the polyester value chain. The preferred raw material for polyester production is Purified Terephthalic Acid or PTA. IPT provides leading technology for the manufacture of PTA at a range of scales to meet the needs of our customers.

PTA is reacted with Mono Ethylene Glycol (“MEG”) to produce a polyester polymer, Poly Ethyl Terephthalate or PET. IPT licenses polymerization technology, in collaboration with our engineering partner Chemtex International, for the manufacture of PET polymer.  PET polymer manufactured using IPT technology can be used for any polyester application ranging from container resin applications to polyester staple fibre and filament yarn production.

IPT and Chemtex also provide a unique technology for the manufacture of staple fibre.

These leading technologies form the basis of IPT’s technology licensing portfolio for the polyester value chain. Please click on the associated icons for more information.