General Information

Beyond our core technologies in polyester, spandex and nylon value chains, IPT collaborates with Koch Industry companies and other innovative technology companies to combine strengths and deliver unique opportunities to our licensees in other technology areas such as refinery optimization and natural gas liquids processing.

We have entered into a collaboration with Koch-Glitsch, to bring these refining technologies to market. Our DTL™ Technology, is a dry-gas-to-liquids technology that allows for conversion of light olefins present in FCC or coker off-gas, into either a high-octane gasoline blend stock or concentrated aromatics, significantly increasing their value. This cost-effective solution captures the spread between replacement fuel value, if any, and the gasoline blend stock value. It is a low CAPEX/OPEX process compared with alternative technologies for upgrading or recovering the olefin in off-gas.

The IsoA™ technology can enable a 20+ point increase in Octane number and a 90% reduction in sulfur content of the low octane, C5-C7+ paraffinic feeds. The target application is to upgrade low octane light naphtha, raffinate or C5+ natural gas liquids current sold as steam cracker feed into high octane, low sulfur gasoline blend stock.