Technology Description

The chemistry to manufacture Di-Methyl Esters from the Di-Basic Acids produced in an Adipic Acid plant involves the esterification of the acid utilizing methanol.

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INVISTA’s proprietary DME technology is a robust and efficient process for the production of DME from the by-product DBA (4,5 and 6 carbon di-acids).

Molten DBA and methanol are fed to an esterification reactor. The product form the Esterifier is sent to a solvent/DME splitter where excess methanol is taken overhead to the Methanol recycle column where water is removed and the methanol is recycled to the esterification area. The crude DME from the splitter is fed to the DMF rectifier for purification where impurities are removed and the final produce is produced.

The simplified process flow diagram for INVISTA’s DME  Process technology is shown below:

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INVISTA’s technology package will be designed for an annual capacity of 18,000 tonnes per year of Di-Methyl Ester (DME) produced by esterification of the Di-Basic Acids (DBA) by-product.

IPT's technology offerings include a Technology Package that comprises a front End Engineering Package (FEEP), technology & operating know-how, market knowledge and project execution resources.  The size of the plant can be configured to meet the needs of the client. IPT also offers on-going Technical Services and the potential to enter into off-take agreements with its licensees.

Key Features

  • Dimethyl esters(DME) are a EH&S friendly solvent used in a variety of industrial applications
  • Advantaged of INVISTA DME technology
    • Taking DBA directly to DME is most economical route to production of DME
    • INVISTA AA process provides consistent S-G-A acid ratio and low metals content which improves downstream processing of DME and product quality
    • Lower impurities including some high risk impurities such as dimethyl sulfate
    • Lower water and color than other DME producers
    • Lower capital investment per ton than traditional batch processes