Technology Description

The chemistry to manufacture Adipic Acid from INVISTA’s cyclohexane based process comprises two primary steps (Cyclohexane Oxidation and KA Oxidation).

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INVISTA’s proprietary AA technology is a robust and efficient process for the production of AA from Cyclohexane. INVISTA has over 75 years of operating experience in AA manufacture and has developed a technology for licensing encompassing the optimum design from across the INVISTA operating and technical experience. Key technology aspects that differentiate INVISTA from other AA technologies include:

  • Patented Air Oxidation scheme for the Cyclohexane Oxidation process for the production of KA (cyclohexanone (K) and cyclohexanol (A))
  • Proprietary INVISTA catalyst used in the Cyclohexane Oxidation process
  • Proprietary reactor and catalyst design for abatement of N2O and NOx in the KA Oxidation process
The simplified process flow diagram for INVISTA’s Adipic Acid Process technology is shown below:

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INVISTA’s AA technology package is for a 185,000 tonne per year facility. 

IPT's technology offerings include a Technology Package that comprises a front End Engineering Package (FEEP), technology & operating know-how, market knowledge and project execution resources.  The size of the plant can be configured to meet the needs of the client. IPT also offers on-going Technical Services and the potential to enter into off-take agreements with its licensees.

Key Features

  • Built on Over 75 years of operating experience and technology improvement
  • Robust and efficient process from cyclohexane
  • World class scale and Low capital cost
  • High Yield and low variable cost
  • Significant energy integration
  • Proprietary CHHP decomposition Catalyst